Friday, October 24, 2008

What Is A Cameko?

Okay, if you're reading this, the first two questions that probably come to mind are

1) What is a cameko? and
2) What is the point of your blog?
3) Why a cosplay scavenger hunt?

Here are my answers:

1) According to the book, Cosplay Girls: Japan's Live Animation Heroines (published in English by Cocoro Books in 2003), cameko are "amateur photographers at cosplay events, are mostly men in their twenties and thirties who have a special affection for the characters the cosplayers portray...Although they generally behave themselves, there are invariably those who see it as a chance to snap a few 'dirty' pictures." Now this book shows interviews with some cameko whose ages ranged from 27 to 46, and all of them had digital SLR cameras. I however believe in the philosophy that a great picture does not come from the equipment, but from the skill of the photographer. Along with the fact that I don't want to carry a large camera around, I take pictures using just basic point-and-shoot cameras. I have some pics taken with my point-and-shoot cameras on Flickr under mfbtrojan if you wanna see samples. Two of them were added to Schmap guides, one of the Rose Quarter of Portland, OR, and another of Santa Monica State Beach near Los Angeles....Great, I'm now rambling after answering the first question.

2) Now I set up a blog so I can post my thoughts about cosplay (costumed play) and taking pictures of cosplayers. I want to have a focus on anime since I prefer anime and video games to manga as I'm a bigger fan of the moving picture as opposed to the written word (except for the short story). My original motivation of this blog was to document my efforts to come up with a master cosplay scavenger hunt list that my friends, who have never been to a con, let alone watch anime, can use.
3) My inspiration for a cosplay scavenger hunt comes from a reality series and a movie. The movie, Scavenger Hunt released in 1979, was one of the funniest movies I ever watched. It's about a scavenger hunt devised by a rich toy/game magnate to determine who would get his fortune. The maids and butlers had to search around town for these items, which included a fat guy (bonus points), in order to collect the most points.
The reality series that comes to mind for inspiration is The Amazing Race. I remember many Roadblocks and Detours where the teams had to find something that was unfamiliar to them, like last Sunday's episode where the teams had to match the face tattoos on the Maori warriors.
Now the scavenger hunt list would be a way to guide me as to what I want to take pictures of (and introduce me to new series that I have never heard of) and a way for my non-anime/non-cosplay friends to meet new people and hopefully change their perceptions of what anime is about. I knew some had misconceptions of anime when I showed Best Student Council (Gokujou Seitokai) to a friend of mine. His older sister asked what we were watching, and I answered that it was anime. She only thought of anime being ripoffs of Sailor Moon.
Now the advantage of a blog is that I can get feedback from my readers of my blog as to what series and video games to try to look for. I plan to periodically post a list of characters and point values. Hopefully the reader comments can help me determine the point values to assign each character (as there is no guarantee that every character on the list will appear at a con...I so wanted to see someone dressed as one of the girls from Kanon at AX08, but it didn't happen, I did see Nabeshin, though).
I hope this is a better introduction than my first post.

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