Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay...Events to go to in 2009, Jan-July

Okay, I should assess where I'm going next year...

Anime LA, January 2-4, Los Angeles, CA-Already paid for membership. Changed mind after finding out there's a scavenger hunt.

Chibi-Fest, April?, Las Vegas, NV-hometown event, but I haven't seen anything advertised for this.

London MCM (Movies, Comics, Media) Expo, May 23-24, London, UK-Depends whether I have people going with me to Japan. If any of my friends decide it would be more fun to go to Japan in the fall (and find the super giant Pocky sold in Osaka), then I would have to not plan for this. This would be part of a longer vacation in London, of course. I gotta see the London Eye, British Museum, and what not.

Anime Expo, July 2-5, Los Angeles, CA-OF COURSE!!!!, already made hotel reservations just in case I forget to book from the AX block of rooms.

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