Friday, January 2, 2009

Anime L.A. Day One

Well I just got back from a two week holiday vacation out of town before arriving at ALA, so I knew I had to make is an early night so I can unpack and ready my cosplay for tomorrow (I pseudo-cosplayed today by wearing a bath yukata, which would look like a white bathrobe with a blue chain pattern on can see it on my MySpace I believe).

Anyway, it's good I went tonight because there were two sessions on photography at cons. Besides the obvious tips about asking permission, here are some new things I learned:

-Watermarks protect copyright on pics you take.
-Most cosplayers don't know how to pose, so suggest one if you prefer.
-Take pics at eye level or slightly below eye level.
-You won't make (much) money taking cosplay pics.
-Take lots of pictures to figure out your style.
-Use optical image stabilization.

I'm still half tired from the driving across state lines to remember everything I heard at those sessions....

New anime watched in the anime viewing room:
Sol Bianca OVA
Here Is Greenwood

No pics taken because I only came to get familiar with the area and meet up with one of my friends...and the batteries died in my camera...

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FancyIndia said...

It's very true about the pose thing. As a cosplayer, even if I know the character, I freeze up in front of the camera and it helps if the photographer places me. :)