Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anime L.A. Day Two (part 2)

Okay now that I finally got some rest, I can finally recap my Day Two of ALA:

Most of my time was spent either waiting or volunteering (with a brief dinner break at Subway)....

Scavenger Hunt: kidnapping cosplayers to win prizes (pics of cosplayers not allowed)
Dealers Hall: where I saw the most cosplayers
Masquerade: waiting two hours to see the best hand made stuff. Killed time waiting by first reading Ueshiba's The Art of Peace and then giving life advice to two high school students sitting behind me (you think being a high school student is fun...wait till you're a college undergrad...the real world nor grad school can match the fun you have as an undergrad...). Favorite was granny Zelda (I only use point-and-shoot cameras, so I couldn't get a decent pic if I could, but you can probably find video of the event soon...)

That's what I remember as I called it an early night (10pm for a Saturday night)...

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