Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nothing Like Discounted Anime

Because the list originally posted on the Anime News Network article (see link in previous post) was preliminary, I trolled around some Best Buy stores near me to see where the clearance sale was. I went to two locations, one close to me where I normally shop, and the next nearest one about 10 minutes away. The 10 minute away location had the 50% off clearance sale on all anime titles, not just the low selling titles as reported in the article. Thanks to that, I was able to purchase Mahoromatic vol. I and vol. II and Coyote Ragtime Show for the same price as two of the titles...

Have fun shopping! I hope Clannad vol. I will also be on sale at the location having the clearance.

(I'm not mentioning the location I went to with the sale because I don't want to compete with others for some of the titles I've been looking for...sorry for being greedy.)

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