Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anime Expo 2009 Checklist and Cosplay Scavenger Hunt Shortlist of Sorts

Let's see, am I ready for AX '09?

-Hotel?-check (for all those whining about a wristband can easily pay an extra $100/night to avoid having to wear one at another hotel during the Independence Day weekend)
-Ordered new Minicards?-reprints coming soon (very helpful customer service. Thanks Moo!)
-Finished hand made costume?-no
-Ordered other costume?-should arrive any day now
-Have cash?-since I didn't go on my usually big Maycation this year, check
-Learned Japanese?-read very little, according to My Japanese Coach on Nintendo DS, I have the language ability of a Kindergartener right now
-Built database of cosplay characters based on existing pics and cosplay books?-probably should start since I'll never spend the money to buy/develop cosplay recognition software
-Created AX09 cosplay hitlist of cosplay most intrigued to see?-I guess i could do that now...

Series I haven't taken pics of yet but hopefully would find at AX09...(If I somehow form a
cameko team, I would definitely try to build a more comprehensive list and make a game out of
-Shangri-La (if anyone really understands this series, we should talk...)
-Ah My Goddess
-Rosario Vampire (besides Shirayuki)
-Clannad (besides myself)
-(Panyo Panyo) Di Gi Charat (I like using the Panyo Panyo series as a form of torture to those
who make fun of my interest in high school slice of life series)
-Excel Saga (besides Nabeshin)
-Nerima Daikon Brothers (saw Inspector Widget at AX08, but missed taking a pic)

Just wanted to make sure I had another post before the end of the show the world that I'm still around...

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