Saturday, May 9, 2009

SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering 2009 Part 1: It Starts...

After I finished my volunteer work today, I drove straight to the park to try to meet up with my friend at the SoCal Cosplay Gathering. When I checked in, there was a contest to name a betta fish. Winning name got the fish. I also noticed that organizers of this event also use Moo Minicards to advertise, so I knew this was gonna be good (I did hand them some of my cards as a courtesy...everyone wants my Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland card...I was so hoping people wanted the Santa Monica Beach card).

While I waited for my friend, I noticed they had an Xbox with Rock Band 2 set up. Kind of a risk to bring such expensive equipment to an outdoor public park, but the owner of the system and hdtv was there the entire time, unlike the computers set up for some Let It Groove multiplayer that my friend managed to cause to freeze.

Of course, like at any anime related event, there was also some carmelldansen.

Of course, you only reserve a picnic area in the park to eat, and there was plenty. Too bad there was a wait for hamburgers. I just had hot dogs, a chocolate chip cookie, and a brownie bite.

Now on to Part 2...

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