Saturday, May 9, 2009

SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering 2009 Part 2: Animals, Ninjas, and Princesses, Oh My!

I guess a good thing about having an event in a public park is that you can take your pet with you. I would expect dogs usually, but a goat? Kairi was definitely a center of attention with her furry companion. Some people did bring their dogs with them, and the goat appeared really aggressive with a dog. I learned that a goat will head butt a dog. I hope the other guy who was taking pictures got video on that and posted it on YouTube. The goat later appeared to show affection to anything in black, especially with a particular ninja.

Out of fairness, I took his picture in a more appropriate pose.

Of course not all animals were pets, like one of two furries I saw today:

Okay, now some more ninjas:

Or maybe three ninjas?

Or as one cosplayer put it, three ninjas and a black guy:

For some reason, there were a couple of Disney princesses

Of course, there is one princess you can't go without in any anime-related event:

(Okay, the Goomba says Peach, but I keep thinking Zelda)

Now moving on to part 3...

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