Saturday, May 9, 2009

SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering 2009 Part 3: Now for Some Group Shots

It was a little warm, and I've been outdoors for about 5 hours already, so I wanted to conserve my energy so I can stay up late and watch a rerun of last Sunday's The Amazing Race on The Travel Channel. Besides, I suspect that many of the cosplayers I've seen today will reprise their roles at Anime Expo almost two months from now (I hope my cousin and I are done with my costume by then...).

So here are some groups of people I've taken pictures of, starting with Gurren Lagann

At least this group was comfortable when someone from a completely different story shows up

Now a little Baccano!?

Or maybe another couple?

Or maybe a couple of fighters?

Or creatures that are trained to fight?

I wonder if they are related to rabbits because they seemed to multiply in a short amount of time:

For the last pic in this set, we were told that what they were holding was a potato gun...too bad no one had a potato to test it out.

So now on to part 4, the individual category...

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