Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Is Coming Out of My Travel Savings Fund...

So today, I wanted to get the gloves and choker (that is worn over the turtleneck to give the illusion that the yellow squares are part of the shirt I don't want to destroy) for my Meito costume. I got the gloves done in the superhero wannabe style as per my vision for Meito using fingerless gloves, arm warmers, and pieces of yellow fabric and iron-on adhesive:

I tried making a choker using an inch-wide strip of black fabric I would cut from a fabric quarter I picked up yesterday, I realized that I can't cut straight, so I went to the store to get some black nylon ribbon that I hope works. I'll find out hopefully later this week as I'm officially done doing cosplay related work for the weekend since I went on some impulse buys after having dinner at a sushi place nearby...

In the shopping center where the sushi place is located, there is a Kinokuniya bookstore. Following a lead from one of the blogs I follow, I stepped in looking for Kanon: Visual Memories art book. When entering a store for the first time, I like to browse around first before asking questions. In hindsight, considering my ability to read Japanese is very limited, I probably should've asked first before spending way too long in the store. But maybe it was good to browse first as I was able to find a copy of volume 3 of the Cosplay Girls series, We Love Cosplay Girls.

The book comes in a box. Considering that the volumes seem to keep shrinking in cover size (as shown in the pic with the previous two volumes), I hope volume 4 is not much smaller. What I do like in this third volume so far is excerpts (translated in English) from what appears to be a Japanese cosplayer's blog. I'll have to thumb through it some more to evaluate the volume fully, but I like getting these books as they make useful references for identifying characters cosplayers (or "layers" according to volume 2) are trying to emulate.

After checking the art book section, I finally asked the cashier as I was paying for We Love Cosplay Girls if they had Kanon: Visual Memories. After checking the back room, they found it, yay!

The bonus CD contains 86 (yes eighty-six, hachijuuroku, ochenta y seis) versions of Ayu's "uguu".

Now I gotta find the Air and Clannad art books...

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