Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anime Expo Day 1-Hotel and Cosplay Surprises...

Well from my past travels things I expected in hotel didn't happen, such as getting a single bed when I requested two, business center computers without USB ports (so it'll be a while before I can upload pics), and finding out the parking rate is higher if you bring a second car to the hotel, but here are a few good surprises...

-People recognized the series my friend cosplayed from (I also cosplayed from the same series, but it was so hot that I kept the jacket off most of the time). Unfortunately, she is camera shy, so I'll have to crop her out when I post them.
-Not one but two Kaname Chidoris (Full Metal Panic)
-Learning how to dance for the Masquerade Ball (crash course in box step and jive)
-Off-site dance at Westin Bonaventure
-Crossplay as Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
-Tons of police and media vans nearby to keep watch on Michael Jackson memorial plans (last I heard, it was to be Monday at Staples Center)...many officers who arrived were still in the dark as to why they were being sent here...surely it's not for AX...a USC game at the Coliseum attracts more visitors, and you don't see as much police and media...
-Random Shingami at Chibi Masquerade trying to sing Billie Jean
-Cosplay as Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day (Red tie and black shirt)

Much of my day was trying to get familiar with my surroundings and indoctrinating my friend in the ways of the anime con goer as this was her first one.

Also much love for my old stomping ground, The Original Pantry...definitely a different vibe when you're eating breakfast there while in cosplay.

For such a long day, I can't remember much of what I did...hopefully the pics will jog my memory...

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