Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anime Expo Days 3 and 4: It's all a blur...

Well after hanging around the largest anime convention in the country in terms of attendance, you're bound to catch something, so I'm a little sniffly as I write this, but here's a quick rundown of activities on days 3 and 4 as a remember them:

-Surviving first yaoi panel (a term I thought I'd never use in the blog)...oddly enough, I wasn't the only straight guy in the room. The two in front of me didn't want to sit outside of the hall to wait for the next panel...
-More hanging out in Little Tokyo, including a visit to a maid cafe that was available there during AX (different from the Animaid Cafe provided by Funky Fresh Cosplay)
-Robot Chicken Panel (left after start of Q&A, but hearing how they come up with ideas for sketches, I can see the anime influence as they'll spend 5 weeks at a time with specific group of writers and write sketches about anything...and their new show, Titan, sounds very promising)
-A fan getting Kari Wahlgren to do Kagami saying "I love you, Konata" at the voice actors' panel
-A bid of $1000+ for each Gundam sketch at the SPJA Charity Auction
-Video screening rooms (FF VII, Ouran High School Host Club, Please Teacher for about 10 minutes)
-Finding Kuniko Hojo cosplay finally on Day 4
-Adventures in Voice Acting Workshop presented by Bang Zoom Entertainment
-Not having to go to an ATM to get more money for Exhibit Hall and Artists' Alley (in other words, I actually had my spending somewhat under control)

I hope with these notes, I can come up with a more compelling narrative of my AX 2009 adventure...

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