Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Illustrated Story: Anime Expo Day 2

I took the most pictures this day because of the Haruhi/Lucky Star gathering as I was cosplaying as Meito Anizawa (Anime Tenchou, the Animate store manager in Lucky Star). Unfortunately, I can't post most of the them because of the risque nature of some of the poses...but here's a better narrative of what happened on day 2 of Anime Expo 2009:

My friend wanted to start the day with origami, which she clearly enjoyed more than I did as I gave up on the third item, but I was able to make a flower and a spinner. At our table, half of us gave away our flowers to a lady who arrived late but also wanted to show something from the origami session to her kids so they can come the next day:

One of the other activities I remember that day was an Anime trivia contest where the audience knew more of the answers than the three contestants whose combined Anime Expo attendance was I think 5 times, and it seemed like they didn't go to other cons.

There was also some visits to the Exhibit Hall, where one cosplayer at the Crunchyroll booth and one of the exhibitors at a cosplay shop booth recognized my cosplay...before that, there was only one person who took my picture before origami and another guy dressed as Meito who recognized me (but I still believe my cosplay had more of a real retail employee feel). Lesson learned: get more spiky hair for Meito and partner with a girl cosplaying as Konata (even though I prefer Nanako Kuroi)...

The highlight of this day was the Morning Musume concert. My friend and I never heard of this group before, which is why I wanted to attend. Such high energy music is great at small doses, but it was a great concert nonetheless. During this concert, Morning Musume, along with founder Tsunku, and Hangry of Hangry x Angry, announced the winners of the OPV contest:

Tsunku's favorite came from China/Hong Kong:

Morning Musume's favorite came from the U.S:

And the grand prix award selected by both Tsunku and Morning Musume was from Japan, a video that fits well with Anime Expo:

[OPV]3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT!アニメーションmix

After the concert, I went off to the Haruhi/Lucky Star gathering thinking I would find a lot of Lucky Star cosplay. Unfortunately, lack of posting of cosplay gatherings at the info booth lead to an outnumbering of Lucky Star cosplayers:

To illustrate, here are pics from the Haruhi part of the gathering:

On the other hand, here's all the Lucky Star cosplayers that were present:
At least the OVA was represented in Tsukasa...Lesson learned: while cosplay gatherings are not official Anime Expo events, every anime con blogger should post the gathering list prior to AX to ensure that there are many places to find this info besides

After finding out that my friend, who I've known since our college days, never explored downtown L.A. while she was a student, we spent the evening cruising around Little Tokyo. Because I'm terrible with directions, we didn't end up in the main part of Little Tokyo where you would find Anime Jungle but at Little Tokyo Marketplace. We did find a good sushi place in this shopping center, played some Japanese video games and also went grocery shopping where my friend bought a lot of pickled things such as kimchi along with mochi.

My friend and I spent the rest of the evening at the hotel watching Haruhi DVDs and eating her Japanese supermarket purchases...Lesson learned: if eating kimchi, make sure there is proper ventilation in the room...I guess the kimchi I'm used to eating wasn't as strong...

Cosplay pics I took during this day:

(It's a giant strawberry Pocky, nothing more...)

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