Monday, August 17, 2009

Nisei Week part 2 segment 1: Waiting for a Friend

Well the day before, I told my friend about the cosplay contest on Sunday...I arrived early so I can find a parking lot that wouldn't get blocked during the parade if I needed to leave early. So after reading my manga (Suzuka vol 5) over a mocha Frappucino at Starbucks, I wandered around while my friend was making his way up to Little Tokyo.

I watched a little bit of a ukelele band until my friend showed up. When he arrived, we headed over to one of his favorite places in Japanese Village Plaza to have a little snack and find a restroom that wasn't portable. After the quick snack, we caught the band Cherry who played some J-pop songs including Don't Say Lazy from K-On...

We also checked out some the cultural exhibits such as sumie painting and Japanese ceramics (where I got a few ceramic pendants) inside the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. We also saw some Japanese flower arrangements:

And some kimekomi dolls:

During this time, we also meandered to the nearby Higashi Hongwanji Temple because the guide I picked up indicated that there were cultural exhibits there, also. Unfortunately, we were met by some people selling sodas. We were informed that there was an error in the schedule, and that the exhibits would be open next weekend. I got talking to one of the guys about how to make a maid cafe work in SoCal (I think Hawaiian BBQ should be served along with some typical Japanese maid cafe fare such as curry, and that maybe there should be themed dress days like what I've seen at Cafe Mai:lish in Akihabara)...another important lesson is that I should actually write these ideas down.

Before the cosplay contest, we were treated to an exhibition by samurai armorers from L.A.'s sister city, Nagoya, Japan. This is the 50th anniversary of their sister city relationship:

I'll probably post more pics of this group in a later post as I really liked their presentation, and I wished that I took notes about what the pre-battle ceremony was about so I can better tell their story.

Now like how we waited for the cosplay contest to start on Sunday, you'll have to wait until next time to see some actual cosplay pics...

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