Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nisei Week part 2 segment 2: Finally, a Cosplay Contest

Well, still on Sunday, after a significantly long wait for a relatively laid back cosplay contest, it finally started. First up was a Kingdom Hearts/Alice in Wonderland inspired skit:

Followed by a cute little Guilty Gear group:

Then something people who are a little older might like:

A cospair:

Gotta love the hat:

And something a little old school

And I wish I took video of Miku breaking into Irish dance (if you were there, you would believe me...):

Dude! It's Jackie Chan!

(I still can't believe there's a 1GB limit on photos on this thing, hence the weird cropping to save space.)

Some more cosplay, including one from a game that hasn't been released yet...

And another highlight of the contest was Kamina's speech in Japanese (no translation was available...)

Great performance...now when you are doing a skit with someone, and neither memorized the lines, it is important to 1) have two copies of the script, and 2) face the audience...

They were neat costumes, though.

And some more cosplay, but a guy sitting next to me thought one of them wasn't really cosplaying and just wandered onto the stage...

And finally the last few entries...

Coming up, a post show and then the cosplay awards...And if you were wondering, that water bottle in the back was there during the entire contest...It took some guys with mad Kempo skills to remove it from the stage...

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