Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nisei Week: Preview of Part 2

Well after spending over 12 hours in L.A. today and realizing that I have to sort through over 400 pictures I took today, I have to break my trip report on the second visit to Nisei Week in Little Tokyo into several parts as I'm too tired now and will be busy the next few nights to spend time writing the whole story in a single sitting. In the meantime, here's a preview of the trip report:

Don't Say Lazy
Hai? Majide!
Cosplayers on Parade (literally)
Fighting the NHK
Throwing ideas around for how to make a maid cafe that could work in the U.S.
Pretty pictures, dolls, and ceramics
Seeing how Kempo and Aikido have some similar moves (I'd have to feel it to see if there is a difference)
Still learning how to take good night photos

If you were at the cosplay contest at JACCC plaza today and are familiar with my blog, and you want to see if I have a pic of you, just email me...It will take a while for me to post my best pics as I like to tell a story with my pictures.

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