Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cosplay in Motion: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

After volunteering for every Disneyland Half Marathon weekend since the beginning in 2006, I've been always interested in running and fascinated by the cosplay I see among the runners. Since I think volunteerism is more important than taking cosplay pics (the event supports the Anaheim Community Foundation), I don't have any cosplay pics from the weekend, but I can list some of the cosplay I've seen and maybe offer suggestions for those who want to run long distances (5K or more) in cosplay:

Among the thousands of runners that passed by my station:
Minnie Mouse (ears, shirt and skirt)
crossplay Minnie Mouse (ears, sports bra, and skirt)
Tinkerbell (way too many to count)
Pocahontas (a couple actually)
Peter Pan
Malefecent (Sleeping Beauty)
Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
a cow (two actually)
Huey, Dewey (Louie fell behind)
Indiana Jones
a kid in a black gi
Mickey ears
Goofy hats
Nemo hats
Winnie the Pooh
pirate (a couple)
"This seemed like a good idea 3 months ago.." t-shirts
"Will run for beer" t-shirts
"Will run for coffee" t-shirts
a kid in a yukata
Jasmine (Aladdin)

Some running cosplay pointers:
-your costume will get wet from your sweat, water you pick up from water stations, sweat from other runners, design the costume with that in mind. I guess Mickey is easy since you can get a black tech shirt, red running shorts and Mickey ears.
-apparently, they make running skirts that have polka dots on them, hence seeing several Minnies.
-remember to thank the volunteers along the course...they woke up hours earlier than you to set up so you can have a safe and smooth race.
-no other runners can see your costume if you're last, so train to make the pacing requirements. It took me about 4 months from total sedentary person to make a basic 15 minute mile pacing requirement for last year's 5K. There are many websites out there that offer advice on how to prepare for a race. Find a plan that works and stick with it. This somehow reminds me of last year when I saw a girl wearing a frilly skirt and a black t-shirt that read "you've been outrun by a skirt" on the back. Probably my shirt should read, "you've been outrun by an anime geek" should be less offensive than the "In my dreams, I'm Kenyan" t-shirt I see.
-from my own personal experience, running with a digital camera with the intention of taking pics while on the course is probably not the best idea. So is stopping in the middle of the path in order to propose to your girlfriend when there's still a thousand runners behind you. Or drinking lots of water a half hour before a race...

I'm obviously no cosplay nor running expert, but from a volunteer's view who has talked to marathon runners and other volunteers who witnessed SAG cart pickups, I have learned that a major reason runners get injured or fail to complete is because of lack of proper training and/or they do not take the event seriously...

Well runners have a runner's high...I have a volunteering high...or maybe it's due to the lack of sleep.

Maybe I'll take part in the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney's Animal Kingdom next year...anyone wanna be my partner for this 5K run, obstacle course, and scavenger hunt?

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