Monday, September 21, 2009

MikomiCon 2009 Part 0 of 6?: The Quick Rundown

Well I was thinking about doing an actual con report at Mikomicon held at California State University at Northridge by the CSUN Anime Club, but since it was so hot outside, I didn't really do much. So rather have a day-by-day report going, I think I'll just first run down what panels I actually attended:

-B-Boy Dance Workshop (way too early in the morning to do any physical activity, especially after a 90 minute drive to CSUN)
-Dealers Hall/Artist Alley (didn't see anything I wanted to buy or couldn't find at the stores I normally visit).
-still wondering why the student union area where events were held is on the other side of campus away from student housing. Shouldn't a student commons area be at the center of campus where almost all students pass through every day?

I think I'll break this up into six parts:

1. Random Cosplay Pics
2. Pre-Masquerade (aka stalling for time)
3. Masquerade
4. Dragonball Kamehameha Contest Highlights
5. Rock Band pics
6. Performance pics

Pretty much I spent most of the weekend in the lounge playing Rock Band because a) it was air-conditioned and b) there were comfortable couches. I did visit the screening room twice, but they were screening series I've already seen before.

Now to pick out the best pics...later...

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