Saturday, September 12, 2009

Would There Be Cosplay at a Disney Convention?

Well I wasn't sure what to expect at Disney's first D23 Expo (the 23 is for the year the Walt Disney Studios was founded) as Disney fans definitely cover a much broader range of people when compared to anime fans.

Since I wanna focus on cosplay, I'm not gonna get into much detail as to what I saw there (a preview of the expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland and Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure, So You Wanna Be an Imagineer panel, a panel on the evolution of it's a small world showing fake versions of the ride the Imagineers found in mainland China, an audio animatronic Wall-E, Michael Jackson's Captain EO costume). I did find a little cosplay, but not anything I felt like taking a pic of, like a well endowed but mature Mouseketeer (1950's version) named Mommy, some drivers from the old school Herbie The Love Bug, Belle, some Stormtroopers, and a guy I saw during the small world panel dressed as Russell from Up, complete with merit badges. But the overwhelming majority of attendees were older Disneyana collector types who wanted to know all the little behind-the-scenes info on one of the largest entertainment companies in the world.

Actually the best costume I saw that was worth taking a picture was at the place set aside to promote the new Johnny Depp movie Alice in Wonderland:

Again I only planned to visit it today only, so maybe there would be more costumes tomorrow or more were around on the other days...But I definitely plan on attending next year as it has the potential to be the event to attend to get the your fill on all things Disney.

I definitely will get back to posting cosplay pics soon...and probably getting back to writing out a better cosplay scavenger hunt list of rules.

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