Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Makes a Great Con?-First In An Irregular Series

I was thinking about what makes a great anime or general fandom convention after seeing the Anime Expo forums thread about suggestions for next year's convention (and as of the time I'm writing this, an argument why it is not AX's responsibility to provide free bottled water to attendees...honestly, I think it's the attendee's responsibility to stay hydrated, and if you are too cheap to spend $3 on a bottled water at a street vendor when you're thirsty and have cash, then you deserve the consequences). So what would I want???

-Air conditioning!
-A good mix of old and new anime series being screened (and with Crunchyroll becoming a major player in streaming anime within days of their release in Japan legally, this hopefully will be a lot easier to get the new stuff...and I'm too tired to deal with the fansub debate, so please no comments about it)
-Good nearby food choices.
-More industry representation so fans can let them know what series are worth licensing. I still think the best cons are the ones where the companies who distribute anime actually show up.
-A meishi (calling card) printing station so cosplayers and cameko who don't have any can make a couple during the con so they can let others know how to find them online.
-Maybe break the Masquerade into several sessions...After the first hour, I'm usually bored because of a) terrible acting or b) not taking time to actually pose if there isn't a skit...Maybe break it into divisions like night one for amateur class then moving on to master class on the next to last night (the last night is when the winners are announced)...the same suggestion also for an AMV contest of breaking it into sessions.
-A real scavenger hunt that takes the entire time of the con, not just an hour.
-Last minute schedule changes posted at the entrances of the convention center/meeting hall in addition to any daily newsletters handed out.
-More cultural programming such as bath house etiquette or how an admission of being an anime/manga fan has affected the careers of Japanese politicians (like former prime minister Taro Aso)...to appreciate something as foreign as anime involves learning something about the culture for which it was originally created.
-While some complain about watching anime in English dubs...it would be interesting to see American shows in Japanese dubs in a special screening.

Just a few of my ideas...

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