Sunday, November 1, 2009

There's Debauchery Here....The (Infamous) West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval Part 0: Lessons Learned

Well since I was in WeHo last night, I should've expected that I probably couldn't post most of the pics I took because of the decidedly adult nature of the party (I'm trying to keep my blog PG with occasional encroachment on PG-13 territory), but here are some lessons learned about street festival costumes/cosplay from last night...

1. If you're 5'8", it's not really convincing to wear a costume that has the word jailbait (literally) written on it. Though seeing a little person dress up as the world's biggest anything would be funny.

2. Wordplay costumes can be done if they are quick to understand...My friends and I saw a guy wearing a net with Jell-O boxes attached to it. I only understood it because he wore a shirt with Annette written on it (Annette Funicello = A Net Full of Jell-O).

3. Making a portable stage a prop is all right if you don't need three people to carry it for you as you move up and down the crowded street.

4. Yes it's West Hollywood, but please limit the phallic humor (though the guy wearing the t-shirt with $5 footlong written on it and the fireman with a long hose were funny...use your imagination)...such things really lack creativity.

5. Wearing street clothes and a sign can make a great costume if you have a really funny message written on it. Wearing a towel and shower cap doesn't (and with the number of real cops and police buses present, it probably wouldn't take much to get yourself arrested).

6. It's always all right to say no if someone asks to take a pic of you...I rarely see that happen at cons, but I did see it last night.

7. Don't be the idiot who throws smoke bombs in the crowd.

8. If the city website says bringing pets or kids is not recommended, follow the advice.

9. Best group cosplay with angry villagers.

10. If it's a street party, expect long lines at the portolets (the name we're familiar with is copyrighted)...and bring your own toilet paper to be on the safe side...or better yet, eat and drink a few hours before going. And if you have to, use the restroom before you go on the long walk back to the car.

11. If you can, bring your own chair so you can always have a dry place to sit.

12. Really understand your camera and bring extra batteries.

13. If you are crossplaying and act like a drag queen or the character you are trying to emulate, people want to take your pic. If you don't, no one is interested (except cute girls who are also dressed like you).

We pretty much walked up and down Santa Monica Blvd. once last night. That single trip really tired us out, but it was fun.

Well I only took 90 pics last night as almost every costumed person was moving, so it was hard to stop people, and some of the people I did stop (like the d*** in a box guys) actually had something to show that I refuse to post up here. I think next year, I'll video tape everything and make pics out of the frame captures.

As a sneak peak, here's one of my favorite pics of the night...

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