Monday, January 11, 2010

I Think What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

I'm not sure if I should believe some of the statements attributed to the SPJA CEO or legal counsel as I have strong doubts that either would make such unprofessional statements regarding the value of volunteers and expensive travel.
I've only attended Anime Expo for the last two years, but I've attended other events. What I worry about cons is that those who take a major role in the execution of a con for years may be too comfortable in the position and start letting things go downhill, which would be very dangerous if you are changing venues to a location in a larger city with a potentially larger attendance. That's probably why they had to get a new CEO in the first place. They needed some new blood in order for the organization to grow.
Maybe it's hard for me to take sides because I don't know full details of the drama going on at the SPJA/AX, though I really hope the SPJA offers more than just anime cons with the new management at the helm.
I'll probably be editing this post as the comments on the Anime News Network discussion boards flow in. I just felt the desire to post the story so others know about it. But it would be nice if someone can show me other news sources on this so I can have a better picture of the truth.

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Jyuichi said...

Wow, sounds complicated.

Convention staff seem always full of drama. (Or maybe I've just been unlucky for the one's I've worked at?) That volunteer comment does seem ridiculous though, while he doesn't seem like a con-nut (which is a good thing IMHO) the idea of people who work for free has to be attractive. They sure don't talk like a non-profit though. :-/

Its too early to take sides I guess. Please post more information if you find some! :D