Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Think I'm Getting My Groove Back...

After PMX, I felt burned out by seeing in many cases the same cosplay over and over again, but I think I'm getting my groove back. Now to think about what cosplay project I can convince my cousin to work on...maybe upgrade my Meito Anizawa cosplay? I really should not have used a turtleneck meant for winter for AX...

Other ideas:
Kululu from Sgt. Frog (baseball shirt and hat)
Minoru Shiraishi from Lucky Star OVA (from live action Lucky Channel)
one of the Old Men from Akihabara in SHANGRI-LA (not the loli guy)
Dan from Bamboo Blade (if only I had the hot girlfriend to go with the character)

I'll probably be more inspired if I attend another cosplay event before AX...definitely wanna scale back this year as I think a hotel upgrade is better use of my AX funds than costumes...

Any other ideas?

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