Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can It Finally Happen?????

Comic-Con Moving to LA or Anaheim?????

Comic-Con may move out of San Diego and further north to L.A. or Anaheim (which I'm surprised has a larger convention center than L.A...). This is good for me as I would be able to attend Comic-Con. I don't think many workplaces would allow two scheduled four day weekends from work, and I would like to save up my vacation time for the occasional two-week vacation.

While all three cities have their strengths and weaknesses, I could envision Comic-Con having a better fit in L.A. because of close proximity of the studios marketing the latest comic-inspired fare combined with the availability of low cost flights (If the cost of a shuttle wasn't an issue, I would be flying out of LAX more than out of SNA) and cheaper hotel rooms and the possibility of satellite locations for events (like maybe a special film panel at USC's School of Cinematic Arts down the street from the L.A. Convention Center...or a Chano's have to be a Trojan to know the greatness that is Chano's when it comes to food). The downside would be the possibility of needing transportation as hotels within walking distance are few (which is why the Holiday Inn must've made bank when all the news crews came to cover the Michael Jackson memorial held at Stapes Center that is next door to the L.A. Convention Center). That is why if L.A. markets the idea of Comic-Con events held at several locations along a dedicated shuttle route (like the Downtown Discovery route of the DASH), they might be able to offer something really unique to Comic-Con (though I guess for a four-day event, that may be a logistical nightmare).

However, Anaheim does have the strength of having a larger convention center that is across the street from Disneyland and a larger number of cheap hotel rooms, but flight availability to John Wayne Airport may be an issue, though they are working on expanding the terminal.

I wonder why Long Beach is out of the running. Did the Comic-Con people hear of the horrors of Anime Expo 2007 (I didn't attend, but I haven't heard anything good about it being held there)? Or do they not want to compete with Long Beach Comic-Con?

Of course, if L.A. was to land Comic-Con, would they try to raise convention space rates on Anime Expo? I remember reading somewhere that Anaheim is actually more expensive than L.A. when it came to convention space.

Too bad they aren't considering moving out of state. Las Vegas would be a good choice as tourism seemed to be slow in July anyway (before the economic slump). When I was growing up there, I do recall Winter CES being successful at executing a convention that was held at two locations that had shuttle service between the two sites.

Okay this post isn't really balanced as I would prefer to see it in L.A. as I've seen how conventions in Anaheim add to the crowds at Disneyland...being an AP, I've grown accustomed to waiting no more than 10 minutes to get on an attraction.

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