Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teen Titans, Go!

Recently, I've been browsing through the Cosplayers' Cure website for ideas on a possible Sgt. Frog cosplay I've been thinking about for Anime Expo. I'm doing my research here more as I notice more anime titles are represented here than on other sites. As I browse through the pics and notice most of the cosplayers on this site are Japanese, I wondered if I would find cosplay from an American animated series on this site.

Since I was half-watching an old episode of Teen Titans, I was curious if I would find any Japanese cosplay of any of the characters.

Well I found Jinx.

But I was really happy to find cosplay of two of my favorite characters, Raven and Starfire:

(from http://angelite.chips.jp/event3/event3.html)

Following the links from the Cosplayers' Cure site to the cosplayer's own site, I found these girls were cosplaying out and about away from a convention according to the photo essay I found on her site. (I wish I can mention her name, but I'm still very limited in my knowledge of kanji, but here's her profile.)

I'm beginning to think I should do a cosplayer of the week article on this blog to keep my blogging skills up. I'll still come up with a cosplay scavenger hunt list for 2010, but I think having a cosplayer of the week feature would be fun...

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