Saturday, April 10, 2010

The 2010 Cherry Blossom Festival Southern California Part 2: J-Pop Stage-Cosplay Contest

This cosplay contest was presented by the Pacific Media Expo and Valley Gakuen on the J-pop stage. As this was the first event scheduled on the stage, the event couldn't start until it was cleared by the fire marshal, so things definitely started late (which meant that I would miss the one of two aikido demonstrations scheduled this weekend). I was happy to be able to get my cousin to come so she could take notes on the cosplayers' costumes as to what characters they were portraying while I took pictures.

The official emcee duties for this stage are split by two guys (the girl is not one of them but I have seen her before at PMX hosting the Asian Food Challenge). As the stage is next to the sake/beer garden, emcee Billy informed the audience before the contest started that the garden would be offering sake and sushi at a discount for the next hour (I'm sure some parents confused about their kids' hobbies took advantage of that deal in order to get through this event).

As this was a walk-up competition, the contestants were judged by workmanship as expressed by the on-stage interview. Awards were given by the judges to those they deemed exhibited good workmanship. In addition a most-spirited award was given based on judges and audience response, and another award was given based solely on audience response.

Okay, let's see if I understand my non-anime-fan cousin's notes on the cosplay...

First up was the big boss from Metal Gear Solid, presented by The Container Store, jk:

Next up was Sakura from Naruto:

Then there was Loki for Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok with his son Fenrir (he's in his other hand):

Then a human form of Manta from Pokemon:

( cousin wrote "jijinka?" in the notes...)

Then Kakashi from Naruto (there are two in this contest...I'll refer to this one as just Kakashi)

Not sure of this one as my cousin wrote "Countdown Rami Akawa Dolls." Please leave a comment if you know this cosplay:

Simca from Air Gear:

Then Haruko from FLCL...As a Guitar Hero fanatic, I should be bothered by how she made the guitar prop:

Something from Zoids my cousin referred to as "green cat robot thing." Made from cardboard!

Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I actually saw him stand up after the contest:

Yamanaka from Naruto. She was very hesitant to talk about the making of the costume...

Shadow Link for the Legend of Zelda:

Chibi Italy from Hetalia...

...with a slight Pokemon reference:

Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII (I so gotta get a PS3...)

Sometimes your props make the costume, like for Ginko from Mushi-shi:

I like how this Pokemon trainer sells it. I don't know why...

Now the only Dead or Alive title I've ever played was Extreme Beach Volleyball, so I'll just accept that these cosplays of Lei Fang and Kasumi are from the original title.

Now Kid Kakashi. Amazing that he actually sewed some parts.

Rabi en Rose from Di Gi Charat:

Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX:

And the last entry is from Soul Eater (which I think I've seen before):

Unlike the past Nisei Week cosplay contest, the judges were quick (probably since there was a tight schedule and fewer contestants). The winners are the following (you can guess who got the audience favorite award).

Unfortunately, my cousin had to leave, and I can't remember who won what besides Kid Kakashi. But here's a pic of all the contestants together:

It's not like the cosplay was only seen in the contest:

There was more cosplay out there, but the other stages called me...

Coming up next, a hula performance followed by a kimono fashion show featuring an elected official on the main stage during Day 1.


Anonymous said...

For the "Countdown Rami Aikawa Dolls" cosplay, it's actually "Tokkei 2nd Brigade Captain Rami Aikawa from DOLLS"

Chloe said...

when you heard "countdown" they said captain... just saying. thanks for getting my picture!

Blade_liger_Zero said...

The Zoids one (green cat robot thing) is a human form Liger Zero (RZ-041) with Panzer unit CAS (CP-21)