Monday, April 12, 2010

The 2010 Cherry Blossom Festival Southern California Part 6: Goth! Goth! Loli! Loli!-Lolita Fashion Show on the J-Pop Stage

Of course when you have an event in Little Tokyo, Hello Kitty will be there...

Okay when I think of gothic/lolita style, I think of those girls who like wearing frilly skirts that almost look too childish for them...pretty much the goth kids except sweeter. I didn't really know that there were types of lolita...none of the books I have really mentioned a difference. While my non-anime friend was with me, he also had a camera, so I couldn't get notes taken as to what the differences are, but I'll try to recall from memory what I saw. Feel free to correct me in a comment.

Anyway, this event was hosted by one of the maids from the AniMaid Cafe (or Funky Fresh Cosplay?) group who was showing off her Mary Magdalene style:

The first was an example of kuroi/shiroi (black/white):

Country style:



Wa-loli (Japanese):


The plaid makes me think punk on this one (though someone mentioned aristocrat):


More sweetness without a petticoat (this reminds me...I have a dentist appointment coming up soon...)


Sweet/Country (Meganekko?):



More country sweetness:

and more Punk:

Still more sweetness:


More classic:


Sweet with muted colors:

And one more sweet thing:

Then a final bow for the models...

At least I got my non-anime friend hooked now with this fashion show. I also learned that a lot of the items shown are available at the when will we get the Kogal fashion show!?!?!

Well that's all for now...

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