Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still Not Ready for Anime Expo, But It's All Good...

I really should remove the clutter in my closet...

Well last year's Anime Expo taught me to expect the unexpected, such as the fact the Michael Jackson's death really wreaked havoc on the hotel arrangements (getting a single bed for the room holding four adults wasn't fun, but the rollaway was thrown in for free. However, since the room was meant for a single bed, the rollaway ate up what little floor space was left). So I think for this year, I should keep my schedule really open as to what to do. I found some things I'm interested in seeing, but I think there's only maybe two or three events I really will work my schedule around...if you wanna find me, here's what my cosplays will hopefully be for Anime Expo 2010...if I don't slack off and actually finish completing/updating them...

Dororo (Sgt. Frog)
Needed to complete:
apply red shuriken symbol on hat
maybe fix white t-shirt with shuriken symbol as it appears too big. It can only be seen if I open up the jumpsuit. Maybe make a quick shuriken necklace out of balsa wood to wear if I decide to zip up.
maybe get Under Armor skullcap to absorb the forehead sweat

Nabeshin (Excel Saga, Nerima Daikon Brothers, Puni Puni Poemy, etc...)
Needed to complete:
get blue dress shirt (preferably from a thrift store to meet my personal goal of showing that cosplay shouldn't be an expensive hobby...I got the red jacket at a thrift store for $4)
get afro wig

Meito Anizawa (Lucky Star, Anime Tencho)
pick buttons to apply to apron-the improvements I made on the turtleneck were really good, and I made a new nametag since I decided to print a new one to make it look more like a store employee...

Well Hotwire put me in a hotel that's a little drive from Anime Expo, but hopefully I'll be near some great food options for my down time...and I'll be able to get some sleep as I'll be away from the kids...I hope.

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