Thursday, June 10, 2010

Travels with Yui: Oahu, Hawaii Part 3 - Dining with Yui

Here are some things I ate while I was in Oahu:

My first meal in Oahu, the signature teriyaki burger at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu (to be replaced with a new location in Waikiki):

Portuguese sausage scramble at Eggs 'n Things:

Fried Mahi Mahi at Coral Kingdom (for the SoCal folks, this is like the Barstow Station of Oahu, but with only one restaurant and no gas station nearby):

Dole whip float (in a souvenir pineapple) at Dole Plantation:

More pineapple goodness:

Some POG (pineapple, orange, guava drink):

A Big Mac meal in Waikiki (all meals come with pineapple):

Some poi and other Hawaiian classics such as fried chicken and teriyaki beef (okay, there was also kalua pork and macaroni salad) along with a virgin blue Hawaii, and a weak mai tai at Germaine's Luau:

Some fried rice as a side dish to a ramen lunch at Ramen Ezogiku at Kalakaua Ave:

Some mango shave ice at Tropical Iceland at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center at Kalakaua Ave:

Some taiyaki (apple cream cheese and Oreo filling) picked up at Shirokiya in Ala Moana Center:

Some famous regular and cream filled malasadas from Leonard's Bakery:

Well my first meal was familiar, so I guess it was fitting my last meal in Oahu would be something familiar, a roast beef dinner from Lahaina Chicken at the airport:

Well that was just a small glimpse of my time in Hawaii hanging out with my friend and Yui...the rest of the story I will share with close friends and family...

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