Monday, July 5, 2010

Anime Expo 2010: A Con Report Primer

Well I have a lot of pics to sort out before I can post anything worth reading about, but maybe the best way to organize this is not by day (though I have a bunch of pictures of the badge pickup line and my wristwatch taken on day 0 I wanted to show, but I think the story of long lines has been beaten to death), but by certain themes...

--Dining with Yui (I should've brought a veggie platter with me this least I got my fiber in...)
--Danny Choo
--K-On! (Yay Bandai for getting season 1!)
--Lucky Star (why is there no love for the series at cosplay gatherings?)
--Shorties (one-time events like a taiko performance)
--Sometimes Anime Is Better Watched with an Audience
--The Cosplay (which I'll probably whittle down into a top 10 with the rest going to my Flickr account)
--The Ten Commandments of Cosplay/Cameko

Unfortunately, I have some personal business to attend to, so I probably won't have too many pics posted until this coming weekend. Overall, I like this year's AX more than the previous two I attended. I can't wait to see what next year's, the 20th, will be like...

Here's some pics, though of stuff I picked up over the weekend:

On the K-On! Chibi-Voice I-dolls from Bandai...I ended up with an extra Azusa and Ritsu...If you have an extra Yui and a Mio and you live in the So Cal area, maybe we can trade?

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