Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010: More K-On! Goodness

Anime Expo Day 3 129 (800x600)

Some cameko will go to great lengths to capture the right cosplay pic...(or video as he had a camcorder...)

I didn't see the K-On! gathering on the gatherings list from, but I found an Azusa cosplayer who handed me an invite:

Anime Expo Day 3 026 (600x800)

To ensure that people found the gathering, a sign was there:

Anime Expo Day 3 041 (600x800)

In addition to the cosplayers and cameko, there was an electric violinist who was playing K-On! songs during the gathering (I think he cosplayed is Mikuo Hatsune at Pacific Media Expo last year...see my previous posts for the video...).

Well I took a lot of pics at the gathering (which can be found on my Flickr), so here's a slideshow...

I guess what was neat about this gathering that I didn't see at any other gathering was

1) someone brought water that she gave to everyone
2) someone (of course Mugi) brought tea
3) gifts were handed out...

Anime Expo Day 3 167 (800x600)

As always, I reduce the size of my pics for faster loading. If you would like a higher resolution pic, just email me with the file name of the pic you would like...

Coming up, yet more K-On! goodness with meals with Yui (aka, reliving college dining days...)

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