Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anime Expo 2010: Nabeshin!

Anime Expo Day 1 106 (600x800)

Without the AX escort, I thought he was a cosplayer...and yet that was not my most embarrassing moment during Anime Expo 2010...

Day 1 of Anime Expo was spent in the easiest cosplay I've done, wataNABE SHINichi.  Although it was the easiest, it was the most effective...After watching the opening ceremonies, I had lunch at the ESPN Zone (see previous post about my steak lunch there).  Apparently from behind, the afro was really convincing to the point that a girl coming from behind me asked for my autograph...Then a couple other people wanted my picture...

Anime Expo Day 1 082 (800x600)

Of course I cosplayed on Nabeshin on Day 1 as I was planning to catch his panel later in the day.  I wasn't sure what to expect at the panel...At PMX last November (see previous entry), it was all about how to put on a kimono...At this year's AX, it was a general Q&A filled with humor (hopefully someone got a video of the rest of the panel...).

Anime Expo Day 1 093 (800x600)

After the panel, there were many opportunities to get pics of cosplayers wearing red suits and blue shirts...at least one came prepared for battle...

Anime Expo Day 1 144 (800x600)

Now can you tell the difference between a Nabeshin cosplayer and a Lupin III cosplayer?

Anime Expo Day 1 140 (800x600)

How about now?

Anime Expo Day 1 139 (800x600)

Now it's fun to find a Guest of Honor roaming the con and is happy to oblige when you ask for a picture.  It's more fun when a Guest of Honor, like DJ No+Chin, asks for your picture...

Anime Expo Day 1 152 (800x600)

Well that was my Nabeshin cosplay adventure at Anime Expo 2010...up next is a recap of anime I watched during Anime Expo...sometimes it's more fun to watch with an audience...don't worry, the post will be brief, but I wanna document it as I may forget which ones I didn't like...So you won't wait long for more pics...

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