Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anime Expo 2010: Watching Anime With An Audience

What I like about Anime Expo is the fact that there is a much larger video program schedule than other events, which allows me to check out some anime that I otherwise would not think about.  Sometimes, I may have seen a series online (like on Funimation or Crunchyroll) and think that the series is really bad, until I watch it with an audience who finds ways of making it worth my time.  Here's a list of anime series that were new to me at AX2010:

Strike Witches (dubbed) - I first saw it on the Funimation site subbed, and it looked really dumb...but sometimes you need someone to yell out no-pants jokes on the dubbed version to rethink it (plus the half-off sale on Funimation animation DVDs and Blu-ray at Best Buy that ends this month can encourage one to check it out)-the few episodes I saw at AX were funny when you focus on the fanservice, but after buying the DVD set, I really like it as one of the few mecha (musume) series I would watch for action and solid character development.

School Rumble (subbed) - It seemed zany enough for me to enjoy series like Lucky Star and Sgt. Frog.  However, after buying both seasons 1 and 2 on DVD (thanks to Best Buy sale), I just haven't had the time to watch the series.

Sola (subbed) - Fell asleep, though the girl looked cute, and I remember something about clouds...

Excel Saga (subbed) - I am a fan of Nabeshin because I watched Nerima Daikon Brothers and Puni Puni I understand why people like this series...still waiting for a re-release as a cheaper box set.

The Wallflower (subbed) - I dunno...I like Ouran, but maybe I needed to watch more than one episode to appreciate the series...

Red Garden (dubbed) - I remember seeing a little bit of it on Anime Network once, but I thing something's off when half the audience was taking the dialogue as drama and the other half thought it was funny...after one episode, I didn't have much feeling for the characters...maybe some other time.

Claymore (subbed) - Even after one episode, I really wanna watch it on just looks awesome.

Welcome to the NHK (dubbed) - I am really intrigued by this series, and I hope Funimation re-releases it as a S.A.V.E. edition.

So that's my attempt at a review (really only for myself when I decide to buy more anime DVDs) of anime.  I wish I did such a review in the past...I would've avoided buying some DVDs if I remembered how much I didn't like it before...

Up next, time with the Tokyo Stormtrooper, aka blogger Danny Choo...

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