Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay Preview 1: Ika Musume

The downside about living in a small apartment is that I can't take a full body pic of myself, but here are pics of one of two new cosplays I have planned for Anime Expo 2011...A genderbender Ika Musume. I wanted to do this cosplay really only because I wanted to wear the squid hat. The original plan was to go for a genderbender Sanae with a squid hat since I wouldn't need a wig, and I only would need to add a lemon patch to a yellow t-shirt and wear my regular black cargo shorts, but that was too easy (though the last minute cosplay I decided to make definitely falls in the super-easy category...)

I made the shirt pretty last minute...and I learned quickly that the v-neck is a little tight after adding the blue...good thing I have an off-the-rack ringer t-shirt in case this doesn't work...

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