Friday, June 17, 2011

How I Did It (The 3D Camera Saga Part 3)

Okay well in Part 1, I realize that the frame that will hold my cameras isn't too great, so I built a new one with some sticks...

Here's the back of the setup with the small red button to push to take the pictures:

I cut up a plastic box that my Moo MiniCards come in to be the box that contains the switch and USB ports:

What I like about the new simpler camera holder is that it is collapsible and can be packed into a small box:

Now I'm only 75% ready for Anime Expo...

I followed the instructions found in the Maximum PC article to make this rig. However, the circuit diagram for putting together the switch was not shown. After some digging, I found a diagram here. And if you're like me and doesn't know what pin on the USB port does what, here's a place. Now I had a friend solder this since I don't have a soldering iron, and my skills are a little rusty. So if you also need instructions on how to solder...well they should be on the soldering iron package. Just be careful not to burn yourself or drip solder everywhere.

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