Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now How Much Did It Cost? (The 3D Camera Saga Part 4...To Be Continued?)

Approximate costs for major components (actual cost would be higher because of all the mistakes I made when making this, and it's approximate since I tossed the receipts)

2 Identical Canon Cameras - $85.01 on eBay (includes shipping)
2 2GB SD Cards - $15 from Best Buy (I know I can find it cheaper, but I gotta stick with SanDisk. I am also limited by the capacity of the cameras)
Basswood Strips for Frame - $6.00 from JoAnn
Metal Corner Brace - $1.00 from Home Depot
2 1/4" Thumb Screws - $2.50 from Home Depot (if I remember, they come in one per bag)
2 USB A Female Sockets - $2.50 from Orvac Electronics (the best electronics components store in Orange County, CA that I discovered when making this)
2 3' USB cables (I accidentally cut through one, and I didn't want to use the longer cables that came with the cameras) - $6 from Orvac Electronics
3A 125V SPST Normally Open Pushbutton Switch - $4 from Radio Shack
Battery Holder for 3 AAA batteries (cheaper to use and easier to find AAA batteries than a button battery) - $2.00 at Radio Shack
Wire - $0.25 from Fry's (I already forgot what gauge I used)
Box to hold switch components - Free (other ideas for making a switch box: travel size cotton swab box, Altoids tin, duct tape)
Other bolts and nuts - $1.00 from Home Depot

Approximate total cost: $125.26 (with 5% margin for underestimating cost - $131.52)

Retail price of currently available 3D digital cameras at Best Buy (if I can, I would prefer shopping in store than online, unless it's anime from Bandai):
Nintendo 3DS: $249.99 at Best Buy
Fujifilm FinePix W3 Real 3D 10.0 MP Camera: $399.99 at Best Buy

So my rig costs about half the price of the cheapest 3D digital camera available. And the fun part is that if I swap out the SD cards with the Canon Hack Development Kit software with regular SD cards, the cameras operate like regular cameras. I also think it's a better conversation starter than just an off-the-shelf camera.

I guess I should mention where to find the red/cyan 3D glasses...well since I want my subjects to be able to see their pics in 3D, I'll hand them a pair with my meishi (name card) with blog address attached for free. I ordered a couple hundred pairs from Rainbow Symphony. I ordered the over-run/overstock glasses because they were the cheapest, and I doubt anyone cares that there's a corporate logo on them. I remember as a kid reading a science project book on how you can make your own 3D glasses with colored plastic. If you look online, you probably can find a free pair.

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