Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Do List Before AX 2011...

-Finish cosplays (Ika Musume - 85% Oreimo - 85%...really should learn how to work with wigs...).
-Further test 3D camera rig.
-Actually plan out panel/screening schedule to include cosplay gatherings I want to see and meet & greets.
-Stock up on SD cards, especially for 3D camera rig (the cameras I use for that cannot take anything larger than 2GB.
-Construct the cosplay hunt hit list of must-find cosplays.
-Finalize plans for a Lucky Star-only cosplay gathering (If you got a account, you can find the forum thread here.).
-Go snacks shopping.
-Prepare packing list (make sure I bring a chair and a book to pass the time while waiting for badge).
-Decide what electronics to bring...DS might not be necessary, but Walkman definitely is.

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