Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quickpost: Anime Ramen in 3D

I had lunch today in Chinatown in Las Vegas at Anime Ramen.  I've eaten there before, but this time, I had 3D rig v1.1 with me...Too busy enjoying my tonkatsu ramen and kimchi fried rice to take a lot of pics, but I did make sure to get a pic of the staff.

Now cosplay is encouraged at the restaurant.  I hope it will be encouraged one day at my other favorite place along Spring Mountain Road (where Chinatown is located), Ronald's Donuts.

Quickpost: Ethel M Cactus Garden Xmas 2012 in 3D

EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 004EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 011EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 021EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 024EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 025EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 026
EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 028EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 030EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 033EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 034EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 035EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 036
Another Vegas holiday tradition, the cactus garden at the Ethel M chocolate factory in Henderson. Free admission and chocolate samples. More pics to come...Lesson learned: red lights really wash out in anaglyph pictures.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Quickpost: Magical Forest 2012 in 3D

MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 047MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 002MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 004MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 005MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 006MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 009
MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 010MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 011MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 012MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 013MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 014MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 015
MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 016MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 017MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 018MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 019MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 047MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 021
MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 023MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 024MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 025MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 026MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 027MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 028
Magical Forest 2012 in 3D, a set on Flickr.  More pictures to follow...
A holiday tradition: The Magical Forest benefiting Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.  It's really fun to see that everyone in the community, from high schools to acts on the Strip (last year, there was a drumbone tree made by Blue Man Group) participating in helping this charity.  Another major fundraiser is the Great Santa Run that I participated in last year (had a final exam, so I couldn't do it this year).

To learn more about Opportunity Village and its work with people with disabilities and to donate, visit

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Catchup: Anime Vegas

Well the world didn’t end, so I have time to catch up chronicling the last two major highlights of my year, starting with Anime Vegas from last month…

I came to Vegas for the week of Veterans Day for wedding, but by luck, I had some free time to visit Anime Vegas for days 2 and 3 at Cashman Center…

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quickpost: Something Surprising in Balboa Park

Last Sunday, I went with my friend to the San Diego Museum of Man to check out the (small) Instruments of Torture exhibit.  Walking around Balboa Park, I found something unexpected:

Apparently, there are two monthly cosplay gatherings at Balboa Park on different weekends (I hope someone puts the details in a comment to this post).  I found these people after finding something very familiar...

It was nice of them to perform again for my friend and me after they were finished making a video...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quickpost: Anime Vegas 2012 3D

AnimeVegas-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeVegas-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeVegas-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeVegas-ANAGLYPH 001AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (2)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (3)
AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (4)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (6)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (7)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (9)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (10)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (11)
AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (12)AnimeVegas Final Day ANAGLYPH (13)AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH  010AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 002AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 003AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 004
AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 005AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 006AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 007AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 008AnimeVegas-A1000 ANAGLYPH 009

Anime Vegas 2012 3D, a set on Flickr.
Came to Vegas for another more important event, but brought the 3D stuff in case I had some free time...Missed day 1 of Anime Vegas, and I'll add more pics if I find any more interesting cosplay on day 3...Today was short since I started my day late and had errands to run before coming to Cashman Center.

Via Flickr:
I already had plans to come to Vegas for a more important engagement. When I heard about this, I though I might as well bring the 3D rigs in case I had the time...