Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anime North 2012 in 3D

AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 018AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 017AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 016AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 015AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 014AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 013
AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 012AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 011AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeNorth3D-1-ANAGLYPH 002
Anime North 2012 in 3D, a set on Flickr.
This is my Flickr set for the 3D pictures I made at Anime North.

Via Flickr:
3D pics taken at Anime North 2012 held at Toronto Congress Center, Canada May 25-27.

Quickpost: First 3D Pics from Anime North 2012

Some 3D pics from Anime North 2012, held last weekend in Toronto, Canada...More to come.  I just wanna give a taste before I head off to work...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quickpost: Most Standout Memories of Anime North 2012

I will never forget my weekend at Anime North 2012...The neuralizer can't do anything to me...

I'm pretty much procrastinating from packing for the long trip home from Toronto after spending the weekend at Anime North 2012.  So much was going on that I missed panels (and I really wanted to catch the panel called "Black Kids Like Anime, Too!", but it filled up by the time I got to the room).

Because I spent most of my time either in line, taking cosplay pictures, or sightseeing around downtown Toronto, I won't have much to say about a con report (though there is much to be said about waiting 3 hours for my badge).  But I would like to say that many people were impressed with 3D camera rig v1.1, and I was also impressed with the cosplays that I saw that I have never seen in SoCal...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Been A While Since I Came Up With One...

Since I'm back to doing more than one anime convention in a year, I should get a list of cosplays I wanna see this year.  A new scavenger hunt!