Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quickpost: Most Standout Memories of Anime North 2012

I will never forget my weekend at Anime North 2012...The neuralizer can't do anything to me...

I'm pretty much procrastinating from packing for the long trip home from Toronto after spending the weekend at Anime North 2012.  So much was going on that I missed panels (and I really wanted to catch the panel called "Black Kids Like Anime, Too!", but it filled up by the time I got to the room).

Because I spent most of my time either in line, taking cosplay pictures, or sightseeing around downtown Toronto, I won't have much to say about a con report (though there is much to be said about waiting 3 hours for my badge).  But I would like to say that many people were impressed with 3D camera rig v1.1, and I was also impressed with the cosplays that I saw that I have never seen in SoCal...

Before I get into a full photo essay of my time in Toronto, I wanna list what I thought were differences between SoCal anime events and Anime North (any people from Canada can correct me through the comments if I misinterpret what I saw/heard):

1)  It's a washroom, not a restroom.
2)  Canada's highway speed limits are still lower than many surface streets in SoCal.
3)  There seems to not be much worry about making a peacebond on a weapon blend in with the weapon's color in Toronto.
4) They're called photoshoots, not cosplay gatherings (which probably eliminates the possibility of cake and tea with K-On! cosplayers).
5)  I take the $1 US bill for granted.
6) There's something that turns me on about girls dressed as butlers instead of maids at a cafe for some reason...
7) To me, I still consider the end of The War of 1812 a draw.   It's only a matter of time when we finally settle it with Canada...
8)  A lot more smoking up here.  But also more recycling.
9)  If I can find a Snow Miku in Canada, I better find a bikini Miku in SoCal!
10)  Canadian cosplayers are too nice when keeping a pose when it is clearly getting uncomfortable.
11)  I've seen more jaywalking here than on the Las Vegas Strip (I'm including my time in downtown Toronto outside of Anime North with this observation).
12)  No one, not even cosplayers, walks in L.A.  The same can't be said for Anime North attendees who had to walk up to 3km (or about 1.8 miles) to and from the convention center.
13)  Why do Americans have an obesity problem when Tim Horton's automatically includes a donut with my chicken wrap?!?!

Okay, enough time wasted...gotta get packing...

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