Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anime Expo 2012 Angel Beats Gathering (2D Photos Only)

Where am I in the above pic?  Not there...

(If you wanna just get straight to the album, click here.)

On the Anime Expo Forums, I posted a call for an Angel Beats! gathering that I eventually scheduled for day 3 before the LiSA concert.  Prior to the day, there were only six definites and one maybe.  As a result, I thought it would be a quick gathering of everyone in the group and groups of the same character.  I was definitely surprised by the actual turnout and had to be creative as to what to do next and be quick because of the need to get to the concert in time.  This was my favorite pose that was suggested by one of the people taking pictures.

Previous years, the gathering would be advertised at-con only if you could prove to the list creator that you have 10 confirmations.  However, because of the X-Games taking over what some cosplayers have considered AX territory (despite the fact that they were never on any maps shown in previous years' official Anime Expo programs), others have stepped up to create a list, which is how I got more attention.

As there was no guarantee of a minimum number of cosplayers at gatherings at this year's AX, there was no guarantee of people showing up.  Some gatherings, like mine, had more people than anticipated, and others had very few or none (like the Tiger & Bunny, High School of the Dead, and Nintendo 3DS gatherings) either because of confusing location or bad timing.  The same results of more or less cosplayers than anticipated also occurred at Anime North in Toronto back in May.  This is a pitfall for con staff to actually organize the gathering schedule, reserving spaces that might be too small or not used, locking out other gatherings, as there is truly never a guarantee of turnout.  The best the con staff could probably do is project the cosplay gathering schedule on the walls like the programming schedule.

Lesson learned:  Even with low responses beforehand, come with a plan anticipating more cosplayers.

This was also the only gathering where the 3D camera was really used extensively.  Rig 2.0 had a software glitch during the previous day's Touhou gathering, so I had to use rig 1.1 that I used in Canada.  Since I had a friend to do the 3D pics, it will be a while for me to review and process the 3D pics.

At least I can say that I can say that I've crossplayed (Halloween doesn't count).  I might crossplay again if the weather's right.  If you wanna see my Angel Beats! crossplay, you'll just have to look at the album to find my Yuri...

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