Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quickpost: Ideas for Future Cosplay Gatherings

I still have a bunch of pics from Anime Expo 2012 to post, but I wanna write down my ideas for future cosplay gatherings.

Angel Beats! (will have a list of pose ideas next time and assume it would take an hour)
Ika Musume (did a genderbend of Ika Musume two years in a row, I just wanna see who shows up)
IdolM@ster (I would be the producer or maybe one of the members of Jupiter, no crossplay on this one)
Schoolgirl (why has no one thought of this!?!?!?)
anohana (I just wanna see if there will a bunch of different t-shirt designs for Jinta cosplayers, I have a bunch of Hawaiian shirts I could use for Poppo)
Nichijou (found Hakase and Nano on day 4, need more)
Baka to Test (would Hideyoshi be cosplayed by a girl or a guy?)

Someone make it happen!


gUsSy said...

Awww. This year i actually did Hideyoshi. Guy dressed as girl..his china waitress outfit.

gUsSy said...

Awww I actually did Hideyoshi this year at Ax. I was a guy dressed as a his china waitress outfit.

amateur_cameko said...

Pictures of cosplay?