Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quickpost: Anime Jungle Renewal Vocaloid Party

Last night, I went to Anime Jungle's Vocaloid themed renewal party in Little Tokyo in L.A.  I wanna start this quickpost with one of the most impressive Miku crossplay/cosplay I've seen as the lights on his sleeves were sound activated...
This is a quickpost as I forgot to recharge the batteries for my cameras after London, and it was a bit too crowded to take pics as evidenced as this pic I took from the fashion show:

Things started late with the fashion show...Fortunately, I was able to snap a few pics in a less crowded area as there was a 45 minute break after the fashion show before the cosplay contest (which I skipped as I was up for a long day that day)...Enjoy the few pics!

Since the batteries died, I didn't take as many pics as I hoped, but there are a few more in the album.

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