Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quickpost: AX Live Cosplay Gathering in 3D

AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 015AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 017AXLiveMiSqPrk-SD400-ANAGLYPH 005AXLiveMiSqPrk-SD400-ANAGLYPH 007AXLiveMiSqPrk-SD400-ANAGLYPH 010AXLiveMiSqPrk-SD400-ANAGLYPH 012
AXLiveMiSqPrk-SD400-ANAGLYPH 014AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 004AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 008AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 011AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 012AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 013
AXLiveMiSqPrk-A1000-ANAGLYPH 014

AX Live Cosplay Gathering 3D, a set on Flickr.
Yesterday, AX Live held a cosplay gathering at Mile Square Park for some (end of) summertime fun. After figuring out that I had a loose USB port on 3D rig 2.0, I was able to take 3D pics using both rigs. Enjoy!

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