Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quickpost: Ethel M Cactus Garden Xmas 2012 in 3D

EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 004EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 011EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 021EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 024EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 025EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 026
EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 028EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 030EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 033EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 034EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 035EthelMCactusXmas-ANAGLYPH 036
Another Vegas holiday tradition, the cactus garden at the Ethel M chocolate factory in Henderson. Free admission and chocolate samples. More pics to come...Lesson learned: red lights really wash out in anaglyph pictures.

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