Friday, December 28, 2012

Quickpost: Magical Forest 2012 in 3D

MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 047MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 002MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 004MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 005MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 006MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 009
MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 010MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 011MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 012MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 013MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 014MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 015
MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 016MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 017MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 018MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 019MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 047MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 021
MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 023MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 024MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 025MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 026MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 027MagicalForest-ANAGLYPH 028
Magical Forest 2012 in 3D, a set on Flickr.  More pictures to follow...
A holiday tradition: The Magical Forest benefiting Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.  It's really fun to see that everyone in the community, from high schools to acts on the Strip (last year, there was a drumbone tree made by Blue Man Group) participating in helping this charity.  Another major fundraiser is the Great Santa Run that I participated in last year (had a final exam, so I couldn't do it this year).

To learn more about Opportunity Village and its work with people with disabilities and to donate, visit

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