Saturday, September 28, 2013

Anime Expo 2013 3D - Finally Finished Processing!

AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 006AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 007
AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 008AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 009AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 010AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 001AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 003
AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 006AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 007AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 008AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 009
AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 036AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 037AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 001AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 008AnimeExpo2013-Day2-ANAGLYPH 009
Anime Expo 2013 3D, a set on Flickr.
Finally finished processing all the 3D pairs from Anime Expo 2013. Now to figure out what the next post should be...revisit London 2012, London 2013, or Disney D23 Expo...

Via Flickr:
3D pics taken during Anime Expo 2013 using 3D rig v1.1.5 (landscape mode with new left camera) and v1.2 (portrait mode with new left camera and shutter control that later failed).

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 3D

AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 006AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 007
AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 008AnimeExpo2013-Day1-ANAGLYPH 009

Anime Expo 2013 3D, a set on Flickr.
I still have dozens of pairs of pictures to process, but here is the start of the 3D pictures from Anime Expo 2013.

Day 1 was also the only day where my 3D rig v1.2 was functioning where I can make portrait orientation picture pairs. The mini shutter switch failed probably due to bad soldering. Something to fix when I have time...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 Crossplay/Genderbend Gathering

The second gathering I hosted during Anime Expo 2013 was the crossplay/genderbend gathering on day 3 (July 6).  The turnout was greater this time around than from the last time this was held.

While the last gathering was all related to making a rock-n-roll album, the turnout was good enough that we tried boys-vs-girls, "that awkward feeling when you realize that they aren't girls/boys", and "stumping The Riddler".

Now I wasn't in the pics for this gathering since the skirt for my cosplay needed repair, and I was short on time to fix it before the gathering.  So I went with plan B so people can find the gathering and crossplayed as Yuri from Angel Beats.  However, after the gathering, I did manage to fix the skirt and spent the rest of the day as Ika Musume, getting Tentacle Grape soda from the J-List booth...

Now that I think about it, I prefer crossplay since wearing pants or shorts doesn't feel like I'm wearing a costume (I only break out the Nabeshin cosplay now and then if I want to cosplay but don't feel like doing too much prep work), and there are very few interesting male characters in the anime series that I watch.  And I'm beginning to think that many guys crossplay for the same reason.

amateurcameko's AX2013 Crossplay Genderbend Gathering album on Photobucket

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 Key/VisualArt's Gathering

Back from Vacation and now ready to start sorting through pics.  First up is the Key/VisualArt's gathering I hosted on day 2 (July 5, 2013) of Anime Expo at Gilber Lindsay Plaza...It was moved indoors in the entertainment hall's classroom set as we had the right number of people.

amateurcameko's AX2013 Key VisualArts Gathering album on Photobucket

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 Cosplay Gatherings

Information subject to change without notice, but I created a map with the cosplay gatherings listed in the forums gathering list.

Organizing them by site, you see that there's a lot of places available to have an impromptu cosplay gathering...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Quickpost: 3D Rig V1.2

The goals of making 3D rig v1.2 was to build a more rigid frame (hence the handle), replace the left camera that had a broken LCD with a camera that had a working LCD, and to reduce the size the the switch box.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quickpost: Awesome Dollar Store Find!

Spent today getting stuff for this year's Anime Expo projects (pocket 3D rig, Ika Musume extra long tentacle wig, and Psycho Pass Dominator gun made from foam and sharpies)...found this at the dollar store.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Anime Conji 2013 in 10 Pics or Less

I guess I should call my first time at Anime Conji 2013 (April 12-14, 2013, San Diego Town & Country Resort) as my first vacation con as I barely took any pictures and felt that I spent more time enjoying the amenities of the hotel (if almost drowning in the pool could be considered enjoying the amenities).  It was a reminder that the most important part of attending is having fun, whether it's by taking pictures of cosplayers, discovering some anime series (Hare + Guu, Read or Die, and Moon Phase were watched in the video rooms) or just hanging out with people you don't have time to hang out with...

That being said, I did manage to take a few good pictures...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Conji 2013 in 3D

AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 006AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 007
AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 001

Anime Conji 2013 in 3D, a set on Flickr.
Didn't take as many pics as I hoped last weekend at Anime Conji in San Diego as I spent much of it just hanging out with a friend in the hotel (and almost drowning in the pool) and looking for panels (the kendo lesson was the big highlight of the weekend...second only to going to Sunday Mass at a pretty interesting looking church on a hill). 2D pics to come quickly, or at least before I continue my London 2012 story.