Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Conji 2013 in 3D

AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 002AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 003AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 004AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 005AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 006AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 007
AnimeConji-Day2-SD400-ANAGLYPH 001

Anime Conji 2013 in 3D, a set on Flickr.
Didn't take as many pics as I hoped last weekend at Anime Conji in San Diego as I spent much of it just hanging out with a friend in the hotel (and almost drowning in the pool) and looking for panels (the kendo lesson was the big highlight of the weekend...second only to going to Sunday Mass at a pretty interesting looking church on a hill). 2D pics to come quickly, or at least before I continue my London 2012 story.