Monday, June 3, 2013

Quickpost: 3D Rig V1.2

The goals of making 3D rig v1.2 was to build a more rigid frame (hence the handle), replace the left camera that had a broken LCD with a camera that had a working LCD, and to reduce the size the the switch box.
In addition to getting a new camera to replace the left camera with the busted LCD, I build a new wooden frame.  I originally thought that I could remove one of the camera holders so I can do a portrait arrangement using a threaded rod to connect both cameras.  However, it seems like I don't even need the frame for that purpose in order to get the right lens spacing.  I'll just need to go to Home Depot to get a small socket set screw.

Rather than soldering USB sockets to wires, I stripped a pair of USB cables and soldered directly to a AA battery case with built in on/off switch...As these cameras only need 1 AA battery for the switch, I was able to add the momentary switch.

In order for the battery case to close, I needed a spacer, that I made with a small piece of scrap wood I painted with a Sharpie marker, so I can fit the momentary switch in the case.

The v1.1 switch box is still useful for testing minimum voltage required for switches for future rigs.

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