Friday, July 19, 2013

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 Crossplay/Genderbend Gathering

The second gathering I hosted during Anime Expo 2013 was the crossplay/genderbend gathering on day 3 (July 6).  The turnout was greater this time around than from the last time this was held.

While the last gathering was all related to making a rock-n-roll album, the turnout was good enough that we tried boys-vs-girls, "that awkward feeling when you realize that they aren't girls/boys", and "stumping The Riddler".

Now I wasn't in the pics for this gathering since the skirt for my cosplay needed repair, and I was short on time to fix it before the gathering.  So I went with plan B so people can find the gathering and crossplayed as Yuri from Angel Beats.  However, after the gathering, I did manage to fix the skirt and spent the rest of the day as Ika Musume, getting Tentacle Grape soda from the J-List booth...

Now that I think about it, I prefer crossplay since wearing pants or shorts doesn't feel like I'm wearing a costume (I only break out the Nabeshin cosplay now and then if I want to cosplay but don't feel like doing too much prep work), and there are very few interesting male characters in the anime series that I watch.  And I'm beginning to think that many guys crossplay for the same reason.

amateurcameko's AX2013 Crossplay Genderbend Gathering album on Photobucket

Quickpost: Anime Expo 2013 Key/VisualArt's Gathering

Back from Vacation and now ready to start sorting through pics.  First up is the Key/VisualArt's gathering I hosted on day 2 (July 5, 2013) of Anime Expo at Gilber Lindsay Plaza...It was moved indoors in the entertainment hall's classroom set as we had the right number of people.

amateurcameko's AX2013 Key VisualArts Gathering album on Photobucket